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MNRE/NABARD Scheme for Solar Home Lighting

MNRE (GOI) has signed an MOU with NABARD to promote SOLAR HOME LIGHTING SYSTEMS to rural areas. This program is to be implemented under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). JNNSM aims to achieve 20000mw of solar power production by the year 2022.

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30% MNRE Subsidy on Solar Power Packs


Thrive® Solar is an ISO 9001:2008 company and is today a CRISIL Rated Direct Channel Partner of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India. This accreditation by MNRE allows Thrive® Solar to directly submit project proposals to MNRE and help its partners who are interested in installing solar power packs to avail the subsidy provided by MNRE.


40% NABARD Susbsidy on Solar Home Lighting Systems

Committed to their cause of providing quality solar lighting to the off grid or power deficit areas, Thrive® Solar has been doing pioneering work in the solar energy sphere. The HOME LIGHTING SYSTEMS are to be implemented with Bank linkages for loan and with special subsidy of 40%. Below are the models of SOLAR HOME LIGHTING SYSTEMS to be implemented through all commercial and regional rural banks in India.


Product Specifications

NABARD Model THRIVE Model NABARD bench mark cost* (Rs.) NABARD Subsidy (Rs.) Loan Amount (Rs.) Margin Money (Rs.) Product Details Load Details Battery Backup (When the batteries are fully charged) Approximate EMI for 60 Months (Rs.)
Model VI TL 100 Rs.27,000/- Rs.10,800/- Rs.13,500/- Rs.2,700/- 12V, 120Ah battery
100 Watt Solar Panel
12V, 300VA Inverter
1 TV
2 CFL (10Watt)
1 Ceiling Fan
3 to 4 hours Rs.350/-
Model VII TL 125 Rs.33,750/- Rs.13,500/- Rs.16,875/- Rs.3,375/- 12V, 150Ah battery
125 Watt Solar Panel
12V, 600VA Inverter
1 TV
2 CFL (10W)
2 Ceiling Fans
4 to 5 hours Rs.450/-
Model VIII TL 160 Rs.43,200/- Rs.17,280/- Rs.21,600/- Rs.4,320/- 12V, 150Ah battery
80 Watt Solar Panels-2
12V, 600VA Inverter
1 TV
2 CFL (10W)
2 Ceiling Fans
5 to 6 hours Rs.600/-
Model IX TL 210 Rs.56,700/- Rs.22,680/- Rs.28,350/- Rs.5,670/- 12V, 120Ah batteries-2
105 Watt Solar Panels-2
24V, 800VA Inverter
1 TV
2 CFL (10W)
2 Ceiling Fans
6 to 8 hours Rs.750/-
  • When there is no sun light, batteries can be charged through grid power
  • Loan facility offered by all Public Sector banks - Rural and Commercial
  • 5 years warranty on batteries and solar inverter, 10 years warranty on Solar Panels

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