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Welcome to Thrive® Solar

Thrive® Solar Energy Pvt Ltd is a leading solar powered LED lighting solutions provider from India. Thrive® Solar has done pioneering work in the design and development of high quality solar powered LED portable home lights. These lights have immensely helped enhance safety, livelihood, education and health of many a bottom of the pyramid community that is located in off-grid, inhospitable and inaccessible geographies of Asia and Africa More on our Projects

Thrive® Solar evolved from the technology innovations of its parent NGO - Volunteers for Rural Health, Education, and Information TechnologyThrive® Solar offers 14 types of solar powered LED lights that cater to the lighting needs of children, women, households and villages. Its lights are used by tea estate workers, farmers, weavers, vendors, dairy and any other village level vocation that is in need of a clean, safe and reliable light. Thrive® Solar partners with NGOs, women Self Help Groups (SHGs), Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), funding agencies, banks, donors, educational institutions and businesses to promote and distribute its lighting products to bottom of the pyramid (BOP) communities, located in off-grid and intermittently grid connected geographies.

Thrive® Solar helps the BOP communities with bank and credit linkages for the purchase of its lights.

Thrive® Solar strongly believes in providing user training and localized maintenance support for its lights. It ensures its business sustainability at the village level through its village energy kiosks, mini assembly centers and its training and maintenance support systems.

Thrive® Solar uses high quality LEDs from NICHIA® Corp. (Japan) in its lighting products and manufacture solar panels in house.

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